The Process

Sac Family Solutions’ belief is that every person has the potential to improve his or her mental health and well-being. I use a variety of different interventions tailored specifically to each individual to help motivate you or others towards personal change.


This type of therapy is a collaborative process that occurs between a client and therapist. Individual therapy can help you improve your life, develop problem solving skills, increase positive feelings and facilitate change. See my contact page to help set up an initial appointment.

This type of therapy is designed to help family members understand the family system and improve communication within that system. Family therapy can focus on a family crisis, help family members cope with a mental illness, or other issues that place a strain on the family system. The goal of treatment is to help the family’s apply problem-solving skills to family issues and appropriately express thoughts and feelings with family members. See my contact page to help set up an initial appointment.

This type of therapy works with a couple to solve conflicts and improve the relationship. Many times, couple’s therapy involves a husband and wife or two romantically involved partners. Sometimes, couple’s therapy involves two individuals in the family system who are struggling to communicate effectively with one another. The goal is to help both individuals see the benefits of the relationship and see problems and issues in a more neutral manner. See my contact page to help set up an initial appointment.

The purpose of the Juvenile Sex Offending (JSO) program is to help the child engaging in sexually abusive behaviors increase responsibility for these behaviors, facilitate empathy towards others, and improve skills to help them avoid future inappropriate sexual behaviors. Most children do not repeat their sexually inappropriate behaviors nor do they grow up to become adult sex offenders. Sac Family Solutions uses cognitive and psychoeducational techniques to improve an adolescent’s personal relationship skills, increase assertive communication skills, help facilitate empathy and awareness of others, teach and expand conflict resolution skills, encourage personal care skills, and process the sexual abuse. The goal of this JSO program is to educate the child and family on sexual acting out behaviors and address feelings of shame so the youth can accept responsibility for their behaviors and move forward with a healthier sense of “self”. Sac Family Solutions works closely with probation, the courts, parents, and attorneys to help support the client. If your child is currently on probation for a sexual offense this program can meet the criteria for court ordered sex-offending treatment. See my contact page to help set up an initial appointment.

Our program is no less than 15 to 16 months in content material. Based on the Risk and Respoinsivity model, we use risk assessments to help dictate treatment need for each client. Most of our client’s participate in weekly 90-minute group sessions and bi-weekly 50-minute individual sessions. Every three to four months Sac Family Solutions administers a treatment review that allows the individual, their family, and probation to know exactly how the client is doing in treatment and helps me determine what further supports are needed to help the client move towards successful graduation from the program. We keep close contact with all court ordered parties through thorough treatment reports that allow the courts to have a full understanding of you or your child’s performance.

On a case-by-case basis I am available for private consulting and work with attorneys, school districts, and mental health agencies to provide the following services:

-Risk Assessments
-Educationally Related Mental Health Service (ERMHS) Assessments
-School Based Threat Assessments
-Parent Education Classes
-Supervision for MFT interns

Contact me through my contact page if you are interested in more information about these services.